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    Another epic trek to Rio Rancho - Turtle Mountain

    Fighting fire with lighter fluid

    On the last episode of Fighting Fire with Lighter Fluid, our heroes explored.... Dum, dum, dum! "The Winery too Small!". Where in spite of being spatially challenged, still managed to find the fabled "Fermented Fruit Elixir" and spirit it...

    日本語カフェ Japanese Cafe on the Westside ✏☕️🍵

    日本語カフェ Japanese Cafe

    Come join us this Sunday for an enjoyable afternoon of Japanese culture and language! Try Japanese snacks, get app recommendations for learning Japanese, watch anime, play Japanese word games, improve your Hiragana and Katakana, or try a little...

    Second Meetup: Planning Further Meetings

    Rio Rancho Herpetological Society Meetup

    On Sunday, January 15, 2016, four (4) Herp Enthusiasts met up and filled out interest surveys. We chatted and ate way too much! If you were not present for the meeting, please complete the digital survey powered by SurveyMonkey. To help plan...