A.J. (AJ) Woodson
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    Duke City Hookers at Weck's on Osuna
    8-28-15 6:30 pm - Alameda Open Space Parking
    ABQ Twisted Stitchers

    The gathering at Weck's has grown beyond my wildest imagination---which, as you know, can be pretty wild. The management here has treated us well, giving us a large, (mostly) private room all set up for us when we arrive.  The best part: this is...

    Friendly Friday Night Poker
    8-28-15 6:30 pm - Alameda Open Space Parking
    Age 40 + Poker Players

    Friendly Friday Night Poker is low key, low stakes, fun and friendly! We play dealers choice which provides for a variety of fun and sometimes odd games as well as the old traditionals. We welcome players of all skill levels.  The "cards talk",...

    FunFridays w/Beata and Rose M--coed for our Peeps' guys!
    8-28-15 6:30 pm - Alameda Open Space Parking

    FunFridays is an easy, social ride for Peeps and their guys with some riding experience. We will do some flat riding and start with 45 minutes out, and 45 minutes back on the Bosque paved trail, which is charmingly EMPTY this time of night. We...

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