A.J. (AJ) Woodson
  • Community Events

    Thursday knitting and crocheting
    7-2-15 7:00 pm - Dairy Queen
    ABQ Twisted Stitchers

    Come on over to Jason's. The deli has proven to be a good place to meet. The food is good, and there's free ice cream! The coffee and tea is basic, inexpensive, and flows in unlimited amounts.We get plenty of tables and chairs. Our conversations...

    MIT Mixer
    7-2-15 7:00 pm - Dairy Queen
    *Millionaires In Training

    Hello fellow MITs!! Summer is upon us and it's time to get networking!! We have some exciting stuff coming up but in the mean time lets get to know each other! Join us for some cocktails and conversation!! Hope to see you all there!!

    Papa Bears Full Moon Social #2 for 2015
    7-2-15 7:00 pm - Dairy Queen
    Albuquerque Motorcycle Riders Group (AMRG)

    Meet at DQ then take a ride out to Double Eagle A.P.

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