• Community Events

    football Sunday Dal vs colts and more. dollar movie after maybe?
    12-21-14 6:00 pm
    ABQ NFL Football Meetup and more

    come out for good conversation good food and football and if anyone is up for it a $1 movie after

    Movies at High Ridge Theaters
    12-21-14 6:00 pm
    The Dirty Thirties

    Lets watch "The Theory of Everything". The showing is at 4:20pm. Tickets are $7.50.

    Inner Goddess Makeover: Athena (Closed Meeting)
    12-21-14 6:00 pm
    Rancho De Avalon

      Book discussion and interactive tasks that focus on a conscious journey through the feminine archetype. Thus we come to understand ourselves better as women, so we can in turn create more harmonious relationships with those around us, &...

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