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    Sunday Talk: Living Artfully by Amanda Ganley, RScP, ministerial intern.

    High Desert Center for Spiritual Living

    Living Artfully: There are so many big things that grab our attention simply because they are so magnanimous. The beauty of small or ordinary things often goes unnoticed. There are reminders of our connection to the Divine waiting for us...


    ESCAPE--Tabletop & RPG

    ***COME JOIN US FOR THIS FANTASTIC ONE SHOT - GMed by JARED!*** "You live in the 9th world, one billion years from our current date and full of mysteries that we can only begin to fathom. The last eight worlds, civilizations, ages, eras, etc.,...

    Ravenloft-Prisoners of the Mist (AD&D 2nd Edition)

    ESCAPE--Tabletop & RPG

    Falkovnia is filled with lush forests and fertile fields, all nourished by the rich black soil created by the flood plains of the Vuchar River. The wall of the sleeping beast shelters Falkovnia from most of Lamordia's bitter chill. Because of...